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We are one of the thousands of families the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, AB has served.  Mom is Nicole, Dad is Rob, and our amazing little man is Easton.

During Nicole's pregnancy all of the tests and ultrasounds came back saying that both mom and baby were healthy.  One month after he was born, Easton was diagnosed with a large ventricular septum defect (VSD; hole in his heart) that would require open heart surgery to repair.  Our family was shocked and devastated, but we were also grateful to know that we are only a short drive from the Stollery Children's Hospital, while many other families have to travel from all over Western Canada to receive the level of treatment


provided by the specialists here.  At only two months old Easton underwent open heart surgery to repair his VSD, and his parents were told to expect to be in the Stollery Children's Hospital for 7-10 days.  Unfortunately, Easton had many complications that lead to 2 additional surgeries, and it was a very difficult 38 days before he was discharged and able to stay at home.

Photo by Pixels By Capri Photography (2019)


Despite the rocky road that we have traveled, our family will forever be grateful that the Stollery Children's Hospital has such amazing staff who were able to help us get our son through all of the struggles of his recovery, and they continue to follow up with us and monitor his health as he grows.  We felt compelled to give back to the organization that has given our family so much, so we decided to hold a fundraiser in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation doing something we love - clay shooting!  

Clay shooting is an outdoor sport where participants shoot a shotgun at small clay discs that are thrown into the air.  There are different forms of clay shooting, but we shoot mostly sporting clays.  In sporting clays, shooters go to different stations around the course and each station has a different presentation of clays.  Some fly high and slow, others low and fast, and the rest are everything in between.

Targets For Tots is our family's little organization created to hold fundraising events with our favorite local sporting clay range in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation.  We are non-profit and rely on the generous donations from our sponsors, family, and friends.

Easton's grandpa, Murray Loitz, breaking some sporting clay targets

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